Health and Safety standards must be addressed and adhered to

Posted on 04/06/2014 by AC Education Team

At Home, At School, At the Office, Health Centres, Leisure Clubs, Residential Homes, Shops, Cinemas, Restaurants...

...In every environment you find yourself in.

It is the responsibility of all organisations, individuals, employers and employees to protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public and the service they use.

It is therefore essential that every organisation, individual, employer and employee are aware of the RISKS and HAZARDS that they may be faced with.  How to effectively AVOID a potentially HAZARDOUS situation and what to do if a HAZARDOUS situation arises.

Our comprehensive Health and Safety in Social Care and Schools Course gives you all the information, guidance and advice you need inclusive of:

·        Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences 2013
·        Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002
·        Fire Precautions Regulations 1997 and further amendments 1999
·        Fire Safety Order 2006
·        Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981
·        The Human Rights Act 1998
·        Data Protection Act 1998
·        The Code of Conduct and National Minimum Training Standards for Residential Workers
·        Organizations Offering Health and Safety Training

Bespoke E-learning Courses

Short Course Programme

We offer a wide range of accessible courses for the whole children’s workforce. Our courses are informative and user friendly. Feedback has shown that this learning develops practice and can improve outcomes for children and young people. They provide a simple platform to gain that important extra knowledge and are a must for everyone working with vulnerable children and young people.

We also have a number of equally effective courses aimed to supplement training for those working in adult social care. These cover a variety of topics, including Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults, and there are many more courses in development for the coming year.

Child Protection

The need for high-quality child protection training has never been greater. Our online safeguarding courses provide a straightforward and flexible way to undertake this crucial training at two levels. These courses are essential for everyone whose work brings them into contact with children in any capacity.


Edexcel BTEC Courses

BTEC Qualifications

These Edexcel accredited online courses provide professional development covering a broad range of issues in working with children. They include important theory and practical skills, and offer great benefits to learners with real improvements in outcomes for children and young people.

Level 3 Diploma for foster carers wishing to develop their skills
Level 3 Certificate for anyone working in education with vulnerable children and young people
Level 4 Certificate for professionals wishing to develop real expertise in their field
Level 5 Certificate for designated teachers to understand the needs of looked after children

BTEC Award (single unit) courses are also available at levels 3, 4 and 5 for anyone working professionally with children and young people and wanting to focus their study on a particular subject.


Blended Courses

Designated Teacher Training

This blended learning programme for designated teachers is devised to improve the understanding and support of vulnerable children in schools. The programme consists of a one day conference and each school will then have access to our online resource – Education and Trauma.


Face-to-Face Events

We provide a variety of one day training events on specialist subjects suitable for those working with vulnerable adults, children and young people. The courses are delivered by our associate expert trainers, who are fully trained and supported to deliver our unique range of course material. These courses can be tailored to meet your needs and can include an online resource. 


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