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Nurturing adult attachments provide children with protective, safe havens and secure bases from which to explore and engage with others and their environment (Bowlby 1988)

We know from our work in children’s social care that understanding attachment issues in children is fundamental to working with vulnerable children. These attachment issues are not just restricted to those children who are in care. Through our childcare education training for teachers, we want to increase awareness in schools of children who have failed to form secure attachments with adults in their early years. These children and young people can exhibit a variety of disruptive behaviours within school.

Recent research suggests that at least one third of children have an insecure attachment with at least one carer giver (Bergin and Bergin 2009).

These children are often disruptive and unfocused in school and as a result often underachieve. We want to work together with schools to increase teachers’ awareness of attachment issues and to develop strategies to help these children. This will result in better behaviour and lead to improved academic achievements, enabling the child to reach their full potential.

In addition to our work highlighting the importance of understanding attachment in schools, we also offer a full range of courses to support vulnerable children in education. To name a few, check out our Child Protection Awareness and Supporting Young People Leaving Care courses. Other courses can be seen below.

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