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Face-to-Face Training Events


We regularly provide face to face training events for professionals in the education sector with particular emphasis on child protection training for teachers. Our training courses contribute significantly to the continuing professional development of teachers and support staff in a wide range of education settings including alternative provision and pupil referral units.

Why come to a face to face training event?

We find that the opportunity to leave your usual place of work in a school and to meet with your peers to develop and improve your knowledge is always welcome.  Regular feedback for our trainers at AC Education is that we’ve provided the space for teachers and teams to create solid plans based on the case studies and learning we share in our training courses.  Our trainers regularly check in to ensure the training is meeting the needs of the audience. We welcome your input and discussing the challenges of specific case studies though always with due care and confidentially.  When you join our courses, it is your chance to validate your work and learn about alternative tried and tested methods to adopt in your day to day with vulnerable children in whatever education setting they attend.

As a result of our work in the children’s social care sector, we bring an in depth understanding to our face-to-face child protection training sessions. Understanding the consequences of poor attachment has been vital to our work with vulnerable children. However, attachment issues are not just restricted to those children who are in care. We want to increase awareness in schools where children who have failed to form secure attachments with adults in their early years and then exhibit a variety of disruptive behaviours at school.

These children are often disruptive and unfocussed in school and, as a result, often underachieve. It is often through our face to face training sessions that we are able to work together with schools to increase teachers’ awareness of attachment issues and to develop strategies to help these children. The support offered through our training may result in education staff experiencing more positive pupil behaviours and engagement. Our aim is that this will in turn lead to improved academic achievements enabling each child to reach their full potential.

Who can attend our education face to face training events?

The AC Education training days invite everyone to participate to the fullest to ensure your learning goals are met or exceeded so you go back to your students and pupils with increased determination and enthusiasm in your vital work.  If need be, the course trainer will change the tempo and approach to guarantee 100% understanding is achieved in such a vital area of shared responsibility.

Typically, we often welcome to our training events designated teachers, classroom assistants and class teachers who have looked after children in their classes. Our events are ideally delivered to a small class of 20 participants to maintain an intimate training environment however we can cater for groups of all sizes. Our face-to-face child protection training events are held across the UK. We are able to offer any of the 35 modules within our education course programme. We always invite feedback so we continue to grow and develop alongside our students.

Want to find out more?

For more information on the types of face to face training courses we deliver, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on +44 (0)1923 850408 or email us

A huge thank you to the trainer who was engaging, informative and adapted to the needs of our delegates. She facilitated good discussions and networking opportunities resulting in two schools arranging to meet to share good practise.

Designated Teacher training, Hounslow. Sept '17