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Improving outcomes for children in care

The responsibilities of being a foster carer are vast and wide. The overarching aim is to improve quality of life and outcomes for children in care.  At the forefront of your mind as a foster carer, you know you are supposed to promote the education of the child in your care. This education objective is […]

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Why are Designated Teachers needed?

Why are designated teachers needed? The role of the designated teacher is key in improving outcomes for looked after children and young people. In the year ending 31 March 2016, the number of children looked after by local authorities was 70,440. Three quarters of looked after children were in foster placements.  Attainment for the looked […]

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Demystifying adoption – what is permanence?

Credit: photo from the Mirror Group and The photo and words say it all ‘Help Alfie find a forever family’. This week our spotlight is on adoption because it is National Adoption Week.  And yet every week of the year, agencies and social workers strive to achieve forever families for many children in need of a permanent […]

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Caring for a child of a different ethnicity

Over the past month we have been working with Bradley Lincoln from Mix-d: Project to understand the experiences faced by children and foster carers who have different ethnic backgrounds.   When we think about caring for a child of a different ethnicity, what questions spring to mind? We know that children in care and their […]

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What is self-harm?

What is self-harm? It is believed that around one in twelve young people injure themselves intentionally at some point.  Tags from social media site Instagram feature up to half a million posts revealing what is self-harm, some of which are distressingly graphic. Self-harming can include cutting, over/under eating and drug or alcohol misuse. Why do young […]

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What are the signs of foetal alcohol syndrome?

The Department of Health guidelines for pregnant women now state that no level of alcohol is safe to drink in pregnancy which can lead to foetal alcohol syndrome.  It is now recognised that alcohol effects the unborn child and may cause neurological damage and physical defects although the signs of foetal alcohol syndrome are not always obvious […]

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Why do children lie?

This week, whilst listening to BBC Radio 4’s broadcast Seriously……The Truth About Children who Lie, we started to think about why do children lie and what specific challenges foster carers face when children in their care tell lies. Why do children lie? Children might lie to hide something so they don’t get into trouble or for […]

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Why is residential care for children important?

Why is residential care for children important? At AC Education, we have observed that fostering care and adoption are widely discussed in the sector but how often do we really consider the importance of residential care for children? Residential care is particularly topical right now following the independent review of children’s residential homes chaired by […]

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What is it like being a foster carer?

What is it like being a foster carer?   This is a huge question and one which we can’t attempt to answer in full in one article but we’ll do our best to make a good start and promise to return to the topic on a regular basis. Being a foster carer will mean that […]

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Understanding pathway plans for care leavers

Each year around 10,000 16-18 year olds leave care to live independently.  The support during this transition phase varies widely and many care leavers struggle to cope which can lead to social exclusion, homelessness and crime. The creation of pathway plans for care leavers aims to address these issues for young people leaving care. When any young […]

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Bereavement – how you can support children


According to the leading child bereavement charity Winston’s Wish, 24,000 children and adolescents are bereaved of a parent in the UK every year. So what is bereavement, and how can you support children who are bereaved? Loss is one of many harsh realities of life and it invariably turns our world upside down. For a […]

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Course Topics

Original Filename: v031329_ph_087.tif Description: Practitioner wearing an apron when playing with children for messy play, acting as a role model so they will do the same. Paint. Finger painting gathered around a table. Wearing protective clothing, aprons.

Our online and face to face training expertise addresses key challenges in our society and issues that regularly make headline news. We are at the forefront of course topics development tackling the most current and topical subject matter head on. Here are a few examples of the headlines with links to our courses available now to support […]

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Health and Safety in Social Care and Schools


At Home, At School, At the Office, Health Centres, Leisure Clubs, Residential Homes, Shops, Cinemas, Restaurants… health and safety in social care is essential, and …in every environment you find yourself in… HEALTH AND SAFETY STANDARDS MUST ALWAYS BE ADDRESSED AND ADHERED TO There is no exception to this. Health and safely in social care is […]

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Denying Children A Voice.. what can social pedagogy teach us?

Picture of brother and sister having fun in the park, two cheerful child laying down on green grass, little girl and boy playing outdoors, best friends, happy family, love and happiness concept

UNICEF Innocenti Insight Promoting Children’s Participation in Democratic Decision-Making What is social pedagogy? Social Pedagogy is a pioneering approach being used across Europe, proposing an enlightened approach to raising vulnerable children within our society.  It is believed that by nurturing a looked after child whether in foster care, residential or an educational setting, the […]

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National Adoption Week 17 – 23 October 2016


National Adoption Week is a key date in our diaries at AC Education. This year, National Adoption Week will take place from the 17th to the 23rd of October. All year round, we work diligently to ensure our training courses provide the best possible preparation and support for foster carers and adopters. However, once a year, […]

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Anti Bullying Week 14 – 18 November 2016

image of girl in front of blackboard with chalk writing stating 'bullied' for Anti bullying week

ANTI-BULLYING WEEK is coming soon in November 2016… The Anti-bullying Alliance take the lead on raising awareness and they are co-ordinating efforts especially from 14 – 18 November 2016. Bullying can be a subtle, slow and insidious mistreatment of a child, friend, colleague or relative, often leaving the victim broken, with little confidence and possible […]

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Attachment and the Adoptive Child


Studies show that babies seek their adult for stress regulation and soothing. The ability to regulate stress is developed through attachment relationships and so children and young people whose infant attachment needs were not met cannot regulate stress. Unregulated stress leads to changes in blood supply to key areas of the brain, damaging the brain […]

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