Multi Agency Working

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Members of the children’s workforce must be able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of colleagues. This course enables learners to understand issues in creating and maintaining good communication, how to overcome barriers and build positive relationships, and how to give and receive feedback appropriately.

What is Multi Agency Working?

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Kate Cairns


This course is compliant with Foster care training support and development standards.

Multi agency working is a formal approach in the social and health care sector aimed principally at improving safeguarding for all vulnerable adults and children.

This approach to social and healthcare work practice in the UK became a priority for all professionals as a result of several high profile fatal cases where lessons learned showed a breakdown in communication between agencies had occurred.

We all have a responsibility for safeguarding and so it is vital that we all know how to access mechanisms like multi agency safeguarding hubs (MASHs) which exist in many areas of the UK today.  With a wide range of agencies in place to support specific social issues in our society, a robust approach to multi agency working must ensure strong familiarity with how each agency plays its part to improve lives and safeguard individual children and adults.

At the core of effective multi agency working, all professionals will have a solid understanding of accountability and employ clear communication methods in all aspects of social care for vulnerable adults and children. The location and specific demographical challenges will influence which agencies need to collaborate and how they can do this effectively.  Different circumstances call for the identification of a suitable response so that as often as possible, situations can be anticipated and vulnerable people can be protected.

Social workers, medical staff and law enforcement professionals come together to protect and enable safe futures and multi agency working aims to ensure an increase in safer, healthier and happier outcomes in our communities. This approach can be time-consuming and therefore seen as a hindrance to some who have not had the opportunity to collaborate successfully in the past. The majority of local authorities recognise staff may need support and training in order to be influential and for multi agency working to become an integral part of team success.

About our Multi Agency Working course

Your learning experience on this course will explain the range of agencies which exist and the tangible benefits of multi agency working to service users and all stakeholders. The AC Education Multi Agency Working training course will explain the barriers to communication, how to overcome these barriers and why it is important to understand and develop shared values in communication. Giving and receiving feedback is at the heart of continued development and success in multi agency working and the course will help students form a healthy framework for feedback.

Our multi agency working training course provides you with a work book which allows students to evidence their learning and capture relevant recent examples of good practice. Some employers will want to see this as part of your training or for your continuing professional development goals. On completion of your study, you’ll also receive a development log which may form part of your professional portfolio of experience.

By gaining an in depth understanding of what is multi agency working, you will recognise the value of diverse skills and experience in different circumstances and how a variety communication methods can be applied to great effect. For more information on our course or to discuss your own training needs, please contact AC Education on  +44 (0)1923 850 408 or by email at

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the importance of effective multi-agency working
  • Understand the importance of effective communication in multi-agency working
  • Be aware of skills needed to promote effective communication between agencies

Course rating

I have taken lots and lots of e-courses through work and this is the best by far that I have accessed with much more relevant information and the test at the end being more thorough than is normal. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thanks.

Foster carer, Carmarthenshire
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