Safer Foster Care


There are risks associated with caring for traumatised children and young people. The children are, by definition, vulnerable and therefore at risk, but there are also risks to others including carers, staff and other children. This course on Safer Foster Care enables learners to understand the nature of risk and to develop knowledge and confidence to assess and manage the risks that are an inevitable part of foster care.

About the course

Children in foster care have experienced separation from their homes and families – the very environment that should be their “safe place”. They are vulnerable and may have experienced neglect, abuse and trauma. They need their foster carers to provide a safe and caring environment to help them overcome their difficult experiences in early life. Meanwhile, foster carers opening their homes to young people are also taking a risk.

Foster caring cannot ever eliminate all risk, and it would be undesirable to do so. But there are strategies that carers can put in place in order to assess and manage risk, empowering fostered children to employ the same skills to move forward in their lives. This course on Safer Foster Care demonstrates how to develop an understanding of risks and benefits, undertake risk assessments and make a plan to help manage risk in the home.

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What it covers:

The Safer Foster Care course covers the following topics:

  • Secure Base model
  • Delegated authority
  • Secondary trauma and stress
  • Developing a family safer care plan


This meets the Training, Support and Development Standards as outlined in The Fostering Services (England) Regulations (2011).

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More information on safer foster care

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Learning outcomes

On completing the Safer Foster Care course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand that safer foster care is about understanding, assessing and managing risk, harm and benefits
    • Identify examples of risks to children and young people
    • Show awareness of key issues in providing foster care for children and young people
    • Show awareness of who is involved in planning safer foster care
    • Identify key elements of risk assessment
    • Show awareness of techniques for promoting safer care and reducing risk
    • Show awareness of what gets in the way of risk assessment
  • Know how to assess and manage risks to the child
    • Explain why it is important to listen to children and young people’s views about risk and safety
    • Show how you take the views of children and young people into account in your role as a foster carer
    • Show that you understand what children and young people want and need to feel safe
    • Identify what contributes to a safe environment for children and young people
    • Show awareness of key issues of delegated authority
  • Know how to assess and manage risks to the foster family
    • Identify risks to foster carers and their families
    • Explain how to develop and maintain the ‘Safer Foster Care’ guidelines for you and your household

Additional Information

This course is available in Australian Legislation.

Course rating

I have taken lots and lots of e-courses through work and this is the best by far that I have accessed with much more relevant information and the test at the end being more thorough than is normal. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thanks.

Foster carer, Carmarthenshire
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