Promoting the Achievement of Looked After Children in Education

photo of classroom with looked after children in education


How can Looked After childrenĀ in education get the best support to achieve their potential?

Looked After children and young people are disadvantaged by their experiences of trauma through loss, neglect and abuse. These experiences can impact on their health, well being and ability to engage in learning so that they have poorer education outcomes.

We need to better understand the reasons behind attachment behaviours so that we can increase our empathy and understanding and ultimately help towards better educational outcomes. On our training course, we provide teachers and support staff with the knowledge to inform their work with looked after children in education settings. We look at where learning takes place, think about how to overcome barriers and be aspirational education role models for Looked After children. and young people.

Learning outcomes

  • Have an understanding of education legislation and practice in Scotland/England/Wales.
  • Have an increased awareness of educational outcomes for Looked After children and young people.
  • Explore the barriers to learning for children and young people in foster care.
  • Have an increased awareness of where/how children and young people learn and how they can be supported in the every day.
  • Develop an understanding about working as part of a team to support education and learning.
  • Know where carers and young people can get help and advice.

Additional Information

This course is available in Scottish Legislation

Course rating

I have taken lots and lots of e-courses through work and this is the best by far that I have accessed with much more relevant information and the test at the end being more thorough than is normal. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thanks.

Foster carer, Carmarthenshire
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