Celebrating Nutrition and Hydration Week with AC Education
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Celebrating Nutrition and Hydration Week with AC Education

It’s Nutrition and Hydration Week! This annual event highlights the importance of proper nutrition and hydration in promoting overall health and wellbeing. At AC Education, we’re proud be celebrating Nutrition and hydration week. Highlighting how our resources and training can support schools, foster carers, adoptive parents, social workers, and anyone caring for children in their journey towards better health.

Our aim is simple yet profound. We want to empower people working in education and children’s services settings with the knowledge and resources they need to create nurturing environments where children can thrive. We understand the critical role that nutrition and hydration play in supporting physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Especially for vulnerable children who may have unique needs and challenges.

Free Downloadable Resources

We have created a range of free downloadable resources. This includes posters and guides designed to help the education and children’s social care sector. Whether you’re looking for tips on promoting healthy eating habits, guidance on spotting signs of eating disorders, or strategies for ensuring adequate hydration, our resources are readily available.

Nutrients: What are they & why do we need them?

How to spot the signs of an Eating Disorder

Eatwell Guide

Training Course for Foster Parents

During Nutrition and Hydration Week, we want to emphasise the critical role of proper nutrition in the lives of children in care. Children and young people who enter foster care often have poor nutritional status and food anxieties. This stems from early experiences of abuse or neglect. To address these challenges, we offer a specialised training course, ‘Food, Nutrition & Associated Behaviours.’ The course is specifically designed for foster carers.

This course delves into understanding the impact of past traumas on food-related behaviours, identifying signs of food anxieties, and developing strategies to promote healthy eating habits. Access our ‘Food, Nutrition & Associated Behaviours’ course.

This week, we’re calling on individuals in education and childcare settings to prioritise children’s health and wellbeing. By providing essential tools and resources, we aim to empower these professionals to ensure every child receives the necessary nourishment and hydration. Helping foster better health and brighter futures for all.

Join us in celebrating Nutrition and Hydration Week because every child deserves to grow up healthy, happy, and supported.