Conduct Disorder training

Conduct Disorder refers to any of a group of serious emotional and behavioural problems in children, adolescents and adults.

Children and young people with Conduct Disorder frequently behave in socially inappropriate and often illegal ways, though they feel justified in their actions and may show little to no empathy for their victims.

Working with a child with Conduct Disorder can be extremely challenging, troubling and exhausting.

After completing this course you will understand what Conduct Disorder is and be able to create an action plan so that you can be clear on what steps you can take for the child on a daily basis within your setting and the longer term elements you might need to consider to ensure a holistic approach.

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This course will cover:
  • What is Conduct Disorder
  • How Conduct Disorder is diagnosed
  • How you can help
This Conduct Disorder course has been designed specifically for people who want to learn more about this group of emotional and behavioural problems.We have separate courses designed and tailored specifically for those that work in children's services and Education.We can deliver this course either: online, as a webinar, or as a face-to-face programme. If you have your own LMS and would like this course as a SCORM file, please get in touch.
The online version of this course will take 1.5 hours to complete. The webinar versions are usually 2-3 hours long and face to face delivery will usually be around 4-5 hours.

You can access this course in three ways, as an online course, as a webinar, or with face-to-face delivery.

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Conduct Disorder eLearning course - Grey Matter Learning

Aims of the Conduct Disorder course

By the end of this training, you will:
  • Know what Conduct Disorder is
  • Understand the signs of Conduct Disorder
  • Have explored whether a child in your care might have Conduct Disorder
  • Understand how to support a child who has been diagnosed with Conduct Disorder
  • Be aware of local and national resources that might be able to help you and the child in your care

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