Engage in Professional Development in Residential Childcare training

In this online course we will be looking at your responsibility to engage in professional development and how your employer will support you.

The training also covers how standards are measured, how you ensure learning activities lead to development and the importance of reflective practice.

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  • 1.1 Explain the duties, responsibilities and boundaries of own job role
  • 1.2 Explain expectations about own job role as expressed in relevant standards
  • 1.3 Explain the importance of own resilience, maturity and emotional intelligence
  • 1.4 Ensure that personal attitudes or beliefs do not obstruct the expected standard of work
  • 2.1 Explain the cyclical process of reflection
  • 2.2 Importance of reflective practice in continuously improving own practice and the service
  • 2.3 Reflect on own practice
  • 2.4 Reflect on how work demands have impacted on self
  • 3.1 Evaluate own knowledge and understanding against relevant standards
  • 3.2 Obtain feedback on the impact of own actions and interactions
  • 3.3 Evaluate own performance using feedback
  • 4.1 Participate in supervision in accordance with requirements in the workplace
  • 4.2 Use supervision to review and prioritise
  • 4.3 Use supervision to agree own professional development plan
  • 5.1 Use reflective practice to evaluate how learning activities have affected practice
  • 5.2 Demonstrate how reflective practice has contributed to improved ways of working
  • 5.3 Record progress in relation to professional development
This training course has been designed specifically for people working with children and young people and provides focus on residential settings. It may also be useful to a wider audience of people who would like to know more about professional development when working with children and young people. The training course provides content to support qualification units relating to residential childcare.
The online version of this course will take 45 minutes to complete. The webinar versions are usually 2-3 hours long and face to face delivery will usually be around 4-5 hours.

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Engage in Professional Development in Residential Childcare eLearning course - Grey Matter Learning

Aims of the Engage in Professional Development in Residential Childcare course

By the end of the training course, you will:

  • Understand what is required for competence in own job role in a residential childcare setting
  • Be able to reflect on own practice
  • Be able to evaluate own performance
  • Be able to engage with professional supervision to plan and review own development
  • Be able to use reflective practice to contribute to professional development

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