Support the Wellbeing and Resilience of Children & Young People training

In this course we will look at how and why it is important for children and young people to develop resilience. We will see what this looks like and how it impacts on wellbeing, self-esteem, as well as their social and emotional identity.

The training will look at how our approach as practitioners can help support a child or young person to achieve positive outcomes.

We will also look at behaviours which may challenge us, what these may indicate and what we may need to do to address them.

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  • 1.1 Explain factors that impact on the wellbeing of children and young people
  • 1.2 Explain why it is important for children and young people to develop resilience
  • 1.3 Describe attitudes and approaches that support children and young people
  • 1.4 Describe ways of working with key people to enable them to support well-being and resilience
  • 2.1 Explain why social and emotional identity are important to the wellbeing and resilience
  • 2.2 Use a range of methods to encourage CYP to be confident in their social and emotional identity
  • 2.3 Support CYP to strengthen their sense of identity and self-esteem
  • 2.4 Support CYP to recognise and value their own abilities, talents and achievements
  • 2.5 Explain how planning and decision-making offer a way to develop CYP social & emotional identity
  • 3.1 Use a solution focused approach to encourage CYP to develop a positive outlook on their lives
  • 3.2 Support CYP to respond positively to challenges and disappointments
  • 3.3 Support children or young people to express their feelings, views and hopes
  • 3.4 Use own actions and interactions to reflect a positive outlook for CYP
  • 4.1 Explain why CYP may communicate distress through behaviour rather than verbally
  • 4.2 Explain how to recognise when day to day difficulties can amount to mental health concerns
  • 4.3 Describe types of behaviour that may indicate distress or are likely to compromise a CYP
  • 4.4 Take action to report, address and record concerns following agreed procedures
  • 4.5 Support children or young people to consider choices for positive change in their lives
This training course has been designed specifically for people working with children and young people and provides focus on residential settings. It may also be useful to a wider audience of people who would like to know more about supporting children and young people with wellbeing and resilience. The training course provides content to support qualification units relating to residential childcare.We offer our courses for your LMS as SCORM files. Depending on the scope of what you need there may be a charge for this. Please connect to discuss it with us.
The online version of this course will take 45 Minutes to complete. The webinar versions are usually 2-3 hours long and face to face delivery will usually be around 4-5 hours.

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Support the Wellbeing and Resilience of Children & Young People eLearning course - Grey Matter Learning

Aims of the Support the Wellbeing and Resilience of Children & Young People course

By the end of the training course, you will:

  • Understand the wellbeing and resilience of children and young people
  • Be able to support the development of children and young people’s social and emotional identity and self esteem
  • Be able to support children and young people to develop a positive outlook on their lives
  • Be able to recognise and respond to signs of distress in children and young people

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