Working with Families of Young People in Residential Childcare training

For a variety of reasons, many children grow up in residential care environments away from their family homes. In some instances, they will have no contact with their family members at all. However, most have at least some contact and this is important for both the child and the family members concerned.

For staff working in residential childcare, this can be a delicate and difficult area to deal with.

This Working with Families of Young People in Residential Childcare course is designed to support staff to navigate this often sometimes challenging aspect of their work.

Overview of this course's content:
  • Describe how having a child in residential childcare can impact on a family’s life
  • Describe the impact of inter-generational issues that can exist in families
  • Explain the principles of partnership working with families in own work setting
  • Explain how partnership working with families meet the organisation’s aims and objectives
  • Support family members to understand the benefits of maintaining involvement with their child
  • Monitor the involvement of family members in supporting their child’s wellbeing and resilience
  • Encourage families to share their own information about changes, challenges and success
  • Adapt working practice with the CYP in light of shared information using agreed processes
This Working with Families of Young People in Residential Childcare course is for people working with children and young people. It may also be useful to a wider audience of people who would like to know more about working with children and their families. The training course provides content to support qualification units relating to residential childcare. We offer our courses for your LMS as SCORM files. However, depending on the scope of what you need there may be a charge for this. Please connect to discuss it with us.
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Aims of the Working with Families of Young People in Residential Childcare course

By the end of the training course, you will:

  • Understand the impact on families when a child or young person is in residential childcare
  • Understand the principles of working with families
  • Be able to support families to maintain their relationship with their child
  • Be able to work in partnership with families

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