Attachment and Trauma Training Programme

This Attachment and Trauma training programme provides schools with the training and tools they need to be attachment and trauma aware so they can create a positive learning environment. Led by experienced attachment and trauma specialists, the course includes practical strategies to help staff better understand and support vulnerable children impacted by trauma and unmet attachment needs.

Our whole school Attachment and Trauma course can help improve attendance and reduce exclusions, while boosting academic engagement and enabling children to achieve their full potential. Teachers and other staff will be more confident in addressing and dealing with attachment and trauma-related issues in education, improving relationships across the school community.

Delivered via two face-to-face sessions or a series of virtual webinars, this comprehensive training programme can be tailored to meet your school’s individual needs and budget. A follow-up planning meeting for the senior management team will also be arranged and all staff will be given access to online courses to back up the in-person sessions.

Trainers for this programme include:Sheila Mulvenney – ex Virtual School Head and author of ‘Barriers to Learning’, Alun Rees - ex Virtual School Head and Policy Advisor to NAVSH as well as author of the Virtual School Handbook, and Andrew Russell – ex Virtual School Head of various London Virtual School

Delivery Methods

We can deliver in the following ways:

  • 1.5 Days Face to Face
  • Video Conference
Attachment and Trauma Training Programme eLearning course - Grey Matter Learning

Aims of the Attachment and Trauma Training Programme

  • Increase understanding of the role of attachment and trauma in children’s education and strategies to better address their needs
  • Reduce exclusions from school and improve attendance of children who are vulnerable
  • Improve educational progress and the well-being of children who are vulnerable
  • Develop the confidence and skills of teachers and staff to address trauma and attachment
  • Identify effective approaches to addressing attachment and trauma in schools

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“I would highly recommend that all schools access the attachment and trauma training through AC Education as it has enabled us as a school and staff team to really reflect on individual children and their needs to strengthen our offer to them.  The trainer was inspiring and thought provoking in her delivery.” – (Headteacher ’22)

“We had another excellent session last week and so much of what is said can be seen within a high proportion of our children. Even yesterday, when discussing a few key children, staff were reflecting back on the training and using this to identify needs.” –  Woodland Academy Trust