Becoming a Fostering Family

Including real-world examples and active opportunities for personal reflection, the course gives participants the chance to adopt a therapeutic parenting approach while developing the skills and knowledge needed for successful fostering.

This Becoming a Fostering Family course allows participants to enjoy the benefits of online learning without missing the opportunity to deepen their understanding and reflect on how their thoughts and beliefs might influence their parenting style, both throughout the course and during two face-to-face sessions at the end.

Real-world examples are used, bringing to life the journey of 3 children, Jack, Maria and Antoni. Foster parents are guided through the children’s stories using interactive learning to understand and reflect on the challenges faced by the children.

Delivery Methods

We can deliver in the following ways:

  • 6 online lessons
  • Sessions 7 and 8 are delivered in person
Becoming a Fostering Family eLearning course - Grey Matter Learning

Aims of the Becoming a Fostering Family

  • Provides a reliable approval pathway to becoming a foster parent forming part of the official approval process
  • Equips participants with essential knowledge and skills to apply therapeutic parenting behaviours, ultimately leading to more sustained and supportive placements
  • Helps participants on their approval journey by providing essential foundational knowledge and a therapeutic skillset
  • Inspires and encourages potential foster parents to take the next step in the application process by giving them the confidence they can take on the role
  • Assists in supporting sustained foster placements by giving foster parents the tools they need to appropriately deal with challenges
  • Helps to identify suitable foster carers, saving local authorities time and money vetting candidates who are not likely to pass the approval process

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“I have been privileged to have an early viewing of the ‘Becoming a Fostering Family’ materials. So much work and thought has been put into this. This course will provide an important opportunity to understand and reflect on the experience of becoming a fostering family leading to much-needed preparation for the joys and challenges ahead.” (Kim S Golding CBE)