Child Sexual Abuse (CSA): A Lived Experience Perspective

Delivered by The Flying Child Project, this course will instil confidence in staff, allowing them to use their professional skills and judgement effectively in a complex and challenging area. The course complements existing safeguarding training by bringing policies to life and will walk you through the disclosure process from a lived experience perspective. We will advise on what we needed at the time of disclosure and discuss negative responses from those who didn’t intend to cause further harm, but did so, through a lack of understanding.

When we have a deeper insight into a sexually abused child’s world, we begin to understand how we might become the one who can make a real difference.

Delivery Methods

We can deliver in the following ways:

  • Webinar or face to face
Child Sexual Abuse (CSA): A Lived Experience Perspective eLearning course - Grey Matter Learning

Aims of the Child Sexual Abuse (CSA): A Lived Experience Perspective

  • The impact of CSA on a child’s life
  • The extent of CSA in society
  • The indicators of CSA from the perspective of the survivor
  • Importance of challenging misconceptions and stereotypes
  • The role of stigma and shame
  • Reasons for silence
  • Looking past the behaviour. What is the child trying to say?
  • The importance of normalising the conversation surrounding CSA
  • How to open conversations with a young person
  • Professional curiosity

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“Like most people working with children, I have been on lots of safeguarding and child protection courses; none of them have come even close to the impact that this training has had. Thank you for the courage and professionalism of [the presenters] – you are doing such an important job, brilliantly.”