Effective Use of Support Staff

This virtual Effective Use of Support Staff programme is designed to help support staff understand their role within the classroom and the wider school community. Consisting of four 45-minute virtual sessions, the course promotes relational practices and focuses on the intrinsic link between behaviour and communication. There will also be a two-hour session with teaching staff to better understand how to utilise support staff.

By the end of the training programme, support staff will be equipped with the tools and strategies they need to better support their school and manage maladaptive behaviours.

In addition, teaching staff will receive a separate two-hour training session in which they will learn more about the role of support staff and how to maximise their role effectively.

Delivery Methods

We can deliver in the following ways:

  • Virtual
  • Four 45 – minute sessions
Effective Use of Support Staff eLearning course - Grey Matter Learning

Aims of the Effective Use of Support Staff

  • A bespoke look at each organisation’s job description and clarity on that during this session.
  • The TA role supporting pupil learning in the classroom.
  • Trauma Informed Practice – an introduction
  • Trauma-Informed Practice – practical next steps
  • How to get the very best from our teaching assistant support.
  • How to support your own wellbeing


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“The ability to provide the training to all staff was enormously helpful – all hearing the same message at the same time. This is such a useful, helpful course – it should be mandatory!” (Teacher Sept ’21)