Teenage Extended Programme

This course has been designed to help foster parents understand the potential challenges facing teenagers in their care. It’s suitable for anyone who is either preparing to welcome a teenager into their home or is already caring for one and wants to feel better prepared.

As part of the programme, participants can choose to study six key topics from the following: Managing Challenging Behaviours; Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity; Food, Nutrition and Associated Behaviours; Peer on Peer Abuse; Drug and Alcohol Awareness for Parents and Carers; Help to Reach My Teenager; Social Media; Exploring Consent; CSE and CCE; and Eating Distress. 

Each of the six chosen topics is delivered virtually as a three-hour webinar.

Delivery Methods

We can deliver in the following ways:

  • Virtual Delivery
  • 3 hour Webinar
Teenage Extended Programme eLearning course - Grey Matter Learning

Aims of the Teenage Extended Programme

  • Managing Challenging Behaviours
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
  • Food, Nutrition and Associated Behaviours
  • Peer on Peer Abuse
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness for Parents and Carers
  • Help to Reach My Teenager
  • Social Media
  • Exploring Consent
  • CSE and CCE
  • Eating Distress

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“Your training was absolutely pivotal to helping us grow and develop. The training helped us change the way we taught and understood our pupils, transforming our school so that we fully support all our pupils”