Therapeutic Parenting Programme

Designed specifically for foster parents, this six-week course aims to help carers better understand and support traumatised children in their care. Each three-hour workshop focuses on a different area, with week one looking at brain development, trauma and attachment. As part of this, participants will learn about the circle of security and how attachment strategies can affect children’s behaviour.

Week two covers blocked trust and miscuing, with carers being taught how to help children express themselves more healthily. Week three considers the importance of emotional attunement in building relationship connections, while week four explores issues around behaviour and parenting styles. The final two weeks reflect on carers’ own attachment history and the importance of self-care.

Delivery Methods

We can deliver in the following ways:

  • 6 Week Course
  • 3-hour Workshops
  • Virtual Workshops
Therapeutic Parenting Programme eLearning course - Grey Matter Learning

Aims of the Therapeutic Parenting Programme

  • To understand the different attachments and trauma, and to understand how they develop
  • What is blocked trust/epistemic mistrust and how does it develop?
  • Understanding the importance of emotional attunement to build relationship connections
  • Understanding all behaviour is communication – Looking at supporting the child
  • Understanding attachment history
  • Looking at blocked are and self-care

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“We found the online training fantastic. So convenient for our busy lives. The overall quality of the course was excellent and we highly recommend them!”